Born in Seattle, WA, blah, blah, blah...okay, writing my own bio is insanely difficult for me. I don't write in the third person. Perhaps not in chronological order, I will throw some facts down on the page.

I did grow up in Seattle. I had a bunch of good and great teachers of various subjects, my fiddle teacher Vivian Williams being top of the heap. I co-founded a super cool yodeling cowgirl band called Ranch Romance. We had cool clothes. We yodeled in harmony. We opened about twenty shows for k.d.lang when she was touring the Absolute Torch and Twang album. I won a bunch of fiddle contests. I moved to Nashville in the 90s to be a fiddle player there. It went well. I joined Texas swing band Asleep At The Wheel a few months after moving south. Records were made. Prizes were won. (a Grammy, maybe a costume contest, maybe a cooking contest)

At the end of the day (and the beginning of the day) I play bluegrass fiddle and Western swing fiddle and some Stephane Grappelli influenced tunes. I've turned out six solo records (CDs) and a whole bunch of band records, not that the solo records aren't with bands but you know what I mean.

I have traveled the world fiddling and singing hither and yon, did a couple of State Dept. trips to Russia, other trips including Papua New Guinea, Borneo, China and Vanuatu. I've played dive bars and Carnegie Hall and most venues in between.

That's my bio right now. Maybe I'll add to it, maybe not.

with love.....B. Lamb