Fiddle Intensive Nashville Experience

Perhaps you have come to Nashville or near Nashville to attend a music camp in the past. Perhaps you wished you had more time to see and do stuff in town. This is that! I am throwing an event for a very small number of fiddlers who want to hang out in Nashville, do Nashville stuff while taking some serious fiddle workshops from me. I am your host, your teacher and your tour guide. Lodging will be at my very cute Airbnb right in Nashville proper close to tons of stuff. It's a real house with a real kitchen complete with a very good espresso machine! I have a vintage Airstream trailer in my backyard. I have places for people to sleep! I call this the Fiddle Intensive Nashville Experience, or FINE.

In a nutshell, you arrive in Nashville on Thursday evening and get settled in. Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings are spent in fiddle workshops. The afternoons are spent exploring the city with me. I have a pretty good list of things to do including visits to cool music stores, fiddling at John Hartford's grave, dropping in on famous friends, shopping at less than obvious thrift stores, touring the Country Music Hall of Fame museum, the list is endless. It's a fairly good bet that you will have a workshop led by some outrageously good and well known fiddler as well. Nashville has a few of those. You can also head out on your own or just stay home and practice if that suits you. We are done by Sunday evening if you have some place you must be early Monday morning. Sunday night is included in the price with check-out Monday morning. I wish to limit the enrollment to four people.

Because this is such a small group, I will speak to each person first and aim for a very good fit of fiddlers, all intermediate players, for instance, or all at close to the same level of ability. This is half about fiddling and half about having a great time in Nashville, TN.

The cost is $1000 per person.​​​​​ ​​If you have interest in finding out more, send me an email at and we will communicate directly.

Upcoming Fiddle Intensive Nashville Experiences


November 14 - 18, 2019


The first day is check in after 5:00 pm. The last day is check out by noon. The bulk of the FINE is all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.